Room 26


Food Talk. As an independent part of Food Talk, Room 26 is more focused on nightlife and fine dining. The app works as a smart guestlist access which allows you to enter any of the clubs without having to RSVP in advance. Visit their website here.

My role

Product Lead for the Room 26 App.


Nightclubs are a crowded space with usually a low network connectivity. Waiting lines are usually not the best place to use a large app. The challenge of this app was to keep the UI minimal while providing offline access to features.


The Room 26 app is a minimal app which works with a QR code to simplify the process. The app uses a one-time password-based access and consists only of three main screens. The landing page virtually has everything that is needed for users to gain entrance to a club.


To be launched in March 2018, with an early adopter program going on.