AVA Grows


AVA Byte is a smart indoor garden which can grow a year-long supply of herbs, fruits, mushrooms, and much more from the comfort of the user’s home. Visit their website here.

My role

UX Designer


The mobile app was a crucial part of the overall experience as it was the only way to interact and monitor the device. In addition to the measuring growth and monitoring the vitals, the app also functioned as a marketplace to buy new supplies (pods, seeds, and more). Combining all these aspects into a single app was one of the biggest challenges.


We used complexity reduction technics to create an unobstructed and minimal interface to cope with a vast range of features in the app. Clubbing all information into the bottom tabs allowed for a simpler navigation.


The app’s high-fidelity mockups were tested successfully for all the different user journeys and the same is now being developed.