Learn user interface design


This year has been very significant for me so far. I recently left my full-time position as Product and UX Designer at Food Talk and moved to Jaipur. In past few years, UX Design has become very important part of every tech company. User interface design is gaining great momentum as design takes the central role in all major fields. This course covers user interface design in great detail along with an overview of related fields of UX design, Product design, and many others.

what we will learn
  1. Introduction
    1. About me
    2. About this course
    3. Introduction to the field of digital design
    4. A brief history of design
    5. Explaining roles in the digital design field
    6. UI vs. UX
  2. Introduction to Screen Designing
    1. Understanding screens
    2. Image formats & rendering
    3. Sizes & measurements
    4. Usability of screens
    5. Designing for platforms
    6. Design tools
  3. Planning an Interface
    1. Importance of Structure in design
    2. Information architecture
    3. Flow maps
    4. Wireframes
    5. Navigation & Content
  4. Design Tools
    1. Interface outline
    2. Shapes
    3. Colors/Gradients
    4. Shadows
    5. Borders
    6. Typography
    7. Iconography
    8. Grids
    9. Exporting designs
  5. Design principles
    1. Core principles (Guidelines for designing interfaces)
    2. Modern principles (Practical rules to follow)
    3. Bringing principles to practice
    4. Design patterns and Guidelines
    5. 100 days of UI
  6. Design project – Vannila cross-platform app
  7. Beyond Static Design
    1. Interactive mockups
    2. Interaction Design
    3. Animation and Transition
    4. Sharing designs
    5. Collaboration
    6. Managing Design
  8. Advance design topics
    1. Design Systems
    2. Atomic Design
    3. Design Thinking
    4. Style guides
  9. Career in Design
    1. Career options
    2. Portfolio sites overview
    3. Resume, portfolio, and cover letter
    4. Platforms to acquire work
    5. Launch.


Who is this course for?

This course is targetted towards beginners who are looking to break into the design industry. The focus of this course is on designing the visual aspect of an interface. Designing is a craft and like all other crafts, the more experience you have, the better you get. This course will get you started with building your own interfaces and creating your portfolio. It will also give you require understanding to explore relative fields like user experience design and product design.


This course covers user interface in details. You’ll need the tools professional designers use around the globe. Thankfully, these tools are just a laptop (Mac/Windows) and a humble notebook.

How do I learn more about this course

As of now, this course is in beta. I’m running this course (with live classes in Jaipur & Online) with a selected few students. If you want to learn more about this course write an email at himvais@gmail.com with title “UX Course”. I personally reply to all emails I get so shoot any questions you have!